👋🏻 Hi, I'm a user experience designer based in Berlin.

For UX designers, humility should be your top priority. For me, humility means having a strong opinion, loosely held. I’m lucky enough to have a last name that reminds me of this every day. There is truly no place for an ego in UX design because in the face of evidence, you should be able to change your mind. While egotism is all about the attachment to one’s own ideas and opinions, UX designers validate their designs against actual users instead of their own opinions. In this field, you have to be extremely open-minded, collaborative, curious and always listening. This is the philosophy that shapes my work.

Teaching a Workshop on Customer Journey Maps at UX Alive

Teaching a Workshop on Customer Journey Maps at UX Alive

  • UX should always keep the end user top of mind.

  • UX shouldn't make people think about the experience. It should be invisible.

  • UX shouldn't focus on features. It should focus on simplicity and usability.


User experience designers take a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to the design of user interfaces for digital products. It integrates interaction design, information architecture, interface design, and user-centered design, ensuring coherence and consistency across all of these design dimensions. User experience design defines a product’s form, behavior, and content. I am working constantly to stay up to date on the latest UX tools and practices because that is my passion. I have the experience to take a project from the research phase all the way into iterative phases of development. I prefer user-centered design projects with unique challenges that offer the chance to surprise and delight. I enjoy challenges that are complex, and for most of my career I have been designing solutions for enterprise-level platforms in the business-to-consumer space. 

Currently, I help students learn about UI and UX as head of design at CareerFoundry. If you would like to work with me or book me for a workshop or speaking gig, please email me at jeffreyhumble@gmail.com