The Workflow of a UX Designer: The Process and Tools You Need

The Workflow of a UX Designer.png

What kind of tools do UX designers use? I get asked this all the time by people new to user experience (UX) design. Understandably, they want to learn the tools of the industry so they can get hired, but hiring someone based on the tools they use would be like hiring an artist because they have the right brushes. It’s not about the tools, it’s about method and craft. UX design relies heavily on process and the tools that I use mirror that process.

Watch These UX Design Talks for Free

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Lately, it feels keeping up with all of the trends in UX design feels like a full-time job. I made this playlist as a starting point for any UX designer who wants to keep up with UX design trends. Once you start to like a few videos, YouTube’s algorithm will take over, and you will be swimming in fresh UX content!